About Us


Location: Shenzhen, China.


Company mission: Making life more convenient and making life more better.


Advantage: Over 10 years experience, key account experience and continuous product development ability.


Major Products: Breakout Boards for Server Power, Stylus Pen for iPad, Portable stations and Fast chargers.




  • BUTIFYLIFE was found by Ms and Mrs Liao in Shenzhen, China on Apr, 2021. Company vision is to become a public company in the world by providing kinds of innovative and valueable products and service for people to make life more convenient and more better.


  • First successful product is breakout board for power gpu of Bitcoin server, which is popular in US in 2021.


  • Satisfying customer and consumer is our company’s key value.  Supply with more several popular products to help customer sucess later in 2021. Only customer success, then we success.


About Us-BUTIFYLIFE-Server Adapter, Apple Pencial