Fine Q Tip Apple Pen 2nd generation

Fine Q Tip apple pen 2nd generation

2nd generation apple pen was developed from Nov, 2020, designed with one body fine Q tip, smart touch switch, aluminium body, four colors till now, including white, gold and blue.

Fine tip 1.4 mm* Body D9.5 mm*Length 164mm.

Q Tip

Fine Q Tip Apple Pen 2nd generation-BUTIFYLIFE-Server Adapter, Apple Pencial

1.4mm one body Q tip, easy to be replaced by new tip, no damage, highly accuracy and perfectly precision, perfect application experience.


2nd generation Apple pen compatible with 2018-2021 Apple iPad & iPad Pro. The pen supports for iPad series 2018-2021 model: iPad 8th/7th/6th Gen, iPad Air 3rd/4th Gen, iPad Pro 3rd/4th/5th,iPad Mini 5th Gen and so on.

But the apple pen not valid before 2018 version, please confirm your devices before you place order, other model is invalid.

It was a successful application in Apple pencial 2nd generation for iPad