Top 5 Stylus Pen for Apple iPad China Supplier

Top 5 Stylus Pen for Apple iPad

Top 5 Stylus Pen for Apple iPad China Supplier-BUTIFYLIFE-Server Adapter, Apple Pencial

Stylus Four Displays Compatible with Apple iPad Pro (11/5 inches), iPad Air 3rd/4th Generation, iPad 6/7/8th Generation, iPad Mini 5th Generation

[ACCURATE and TILTABLE] Unique 1.0 mm stylus tip is designed, perform more detailed instructions. The size of writing can be adjusted when you adjust the stylus angle. No delay/offset/break point! Compared with ordinary stylus pen, it has higher sensitivity, more accurate signal and more comfortable.

[FOUR POWER DISPLAYS]: Present detail power by four level displays on stylus pen, showing how much power left in your drawing, writing application or charging, it is helpful and beautiful.

[PALM REJECTION] The stylus uses palm rejection technology to provide a natural writing experience and quick and easy interaction, allowing you to control the application more accurately. It will be perfect when you use this pen with a glass screen protector on your iPad.

[MECHANICAL SWITCH]: just turn on stylus pen by simply press on the BUTTON, on/off, just one press, no chance to press wrongly, looks more noble. Press the stylus button once to open, it will automatically enter the “sleep mode” after 5 minutes of inactivity to save power.

This stylus pen will be a favorite as a gift or at parties, conventions, travel, corporate events, it is also sure win for personal and business needs.