How power supply for mining rig china supplier

How power supply for mining rig 

Most mining buyers know how power supply for mining rig, for mining buyer, it is easy to apply the power supply for mining rig, just insert the breakout board to power supply, but you should confirm your model to make sure the connector of breakout board is the same as power server each other.

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After the 220V power is connected with mining power supply, the yellow LED keeps on on breakout board. Press the button and turn on the power of board. If the green light keeps on, the power works.

The power switch is fine when the floppy drive cord is connected to the main power supply, the power switch of breakout board will be turned on.

The matching cable is custom made, please do not insert any random cable.

When inserting the wire, identify the direction. Do not insert the wire in reverse or partial position to avoid burning the device in mining.When inserting the cable, hold the socket of the board first and then insert the cable to avoid forcing the plug into the socket and damaging the pins.