High-end iPad pen instructions China supplier

High-end iPad pen instructions China supplier-BUTIFYLIFE-Server Adapter, Apple Pencial

Model: High-end apple iPad pen

Material:Alumium alloy

Working time: 10H

Charging Time: 30min

Nip 1.0 mm* Body D9.5 mm*Length 164mm.

1. How to work?

Press the button of ipad pen once, blue light turns on. Now the pen enter working mode. The pencil is ready to use for clicking, dragging, sketching, drawing, note taking, etc on iPad applications. Press the button again, the apple pen will shutdown. Pencil will shutdown automatically if it is idle for 5 minutes.

2. Palm Rejection Design for this apple pen. Provides a natural writing feeling and quick, effortless interaction with your screen.

3. 1.0 mm fine tip and POM material used in this ipad pen, providing more accuracy and smooth in writing and drawing.

4. Better material and treatment used for this apple pencil, you will like not only from the visual, but also in application.

5. Beside these, magnet absortion design and fast charging time are also the features to this ipad pen.